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The Funnell Story

Last year a giant began stalking my husband and me. Like Goliath he had a loud voice, towered over us and threatened our life as we knew it. The giant's name was not Goliath but "Third stage Cancer". This giant had stalked and taken many family members on both sides. A team of doctors presented a plan that would take the better part of a year. A few months before the diagnosis we had found Reliv which worked wonders for my moods and energy level. During Dave's treatment of radiation, chemo and surgery I became his "Reliv Barista" adding Fiberstore and Innergize to Reliv Now shakes and making sure he took extra LunaRichX capsules.

We always told the doctors and nurses about Reliv products and showed them the ingredients and studies. They have been impressed with Dave's strength throughout ileostomy surgery and 8 grueling cycles of chemo. His surgeon said "There was no downside to taking it."  Reliv helped Dave stay strong and gave him the energy and strength that he needed to get through his treatment. Today, Dave is happy and healthy and looking forward to what life has to offer. 

Dave has used LRX capsules to make a paste to apply on skin lesions with great success.

I plan to keep telling everyone I can about Reliv and highly recommend the Reliv Now shakes and LRX to anyone with a cancer diagnosis who’s going through chemo. It will definitely help give them the strength and energy needed for a quicker recovery.


Chris Funnell

Reliv Barista